Resident Selection Plan


Resident Selection Plan


480 Potrero Ave


  1. Applicant Eligibility Determination
Unit Size Minimum Gross Income (equal to or greater than 2.5x rent) Maximum Income

55% of Area Median Gross Income for 2017

Single Resident Occupancy

Monthly Rent – $833.00

One person     $2,082.50

Two Persons   $2,082.50

One Person    $44,400/year

Two Persons   $50,750/year


  1. Applicant must be income eligible per the standards of the Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program (“AHP”) governed by San Francisco Planning Code Section 415 et. seq., and administered by the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (“MOHCD”).
  2. Applicant household size must meet the property’s occupancy standard.
  3. Applicant must meet other program regulated eligibility requirements.
  4. Applicant must show that applicant does not own an interest in a housing unit as of the date of application.
  5. Applicant must agree to pay the rent.
  6. Applicant must complete and sign an application before being considered for occupancy. Each household member must provide the following:
    1. Consent for verification of all sources of income or other information relative to occupancy.
    2. Sufficient information for APG to make an initial determination of the income eligibility of the household.
  • The unit size desired or needed.
  1. Information regarding Applicant’s prior landlord history (including property address and contact information of prior landlord).
  2. Consent to APG’s requirement to obtain a credit and unlawful detainer background history.
  3. Must provide sufficient information to enable APG to conduct credit report search and unlawful detainer background history search.


  1. Applicant Selection Criteria

All members of the household who are 18 years or older must attend the interview with APG. The following requirements will be used for each applicant.

  1. A credit report indicating a current FICO score of at least 620 or higher with financial responsibilities and a comprehensive unlawful detainer check will be obtained for each adult applicant. There must be no judgments; no accounts rated over 90 days delinquent or a bankruptcy within the previous one year to make the credit report acceptable.
  2. A credit score below 620 where the report contains no judgments, no accounts rated over 90 days delinquent or a bankruptcy within the previous one year will result in an applicant being accepted and required to pay an additional deposit equal to 1.5x the standard deposit.
  3. A credit score below 620 where the report contains any judgments, any accounts rated over 90 days delinquent or a bankruptcy within the previous one year, unless satisfactorily explained, will result in the applicant being denied. Guarantors not accepted.
  4. Applicant will not be denied for not having any credit history. Medical debt and/or student debt will not be held against an applicant.
  5. Applicant must demonstrate ability to meet all monthly financial obligations.
  6. All income/assets will be verified in writing from the income/asset sources on appropriate income verification forms.
  7. Both the current and previous landlords for the past 3 years will be contacted for information concerning the applicant’s compliance history with lease requirements, including any documented lease violations and for cause evictions. Ellis Act or Owner Move In Evictions will not be held against an applicant.
  8. Applicant must demonstrate ability to pay the asking rent as defined in the Lease Agreement by meeting the minimum rent to income ratio set at 2.5 x the monthly rent. Applicant will not be declined for any lack of previous rent paying history.
  9. Applicant must have the ability to maintain the housing unit in accordance with local health standards. No distinction will be drawn between a person who keeps his/her own house and one who does so with the assistance of an attendant.
  10. Applicant must be income eligible per Program regulations and meet other Program eligible requirements.
  11. Applicant’s prior arrest and conviction records will not be considered until Applicant has been qualified for housing in accordance with the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance for People with Prior Arrests or Convictions records.


  • Reasons for Denial


If Applicant is denied by APG with MOHCD’s consent, Applicant will receive a written Notice of Denial and the Applicant has 3 business days from the date of the Notice to appeal and submit additional documentation to MOHCD. MOHCD shall respond by the end of the 7th business day from the date of receiving the appeal. Applications will be denied for the following reasons:

  1. Not all members of the household who are 18 years of age or older attended the interview.
  2. Applicant or applicant’s household exhibits blatant disrespect, disruptive or antisocial behavior towards APG’s staff.
  3. A negative landlord recommendation, encompassing any documented lease violations or For Cause evictions within the previous 3 years.
  4. Any denial for prior arrest or conviction record must be in compliance with the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance for People with a Prior Arrest or Convictions records.
  5. A derogatory credit report as previously defined.
  6. Falsification of any information of the application.
  7. Applicant’s eligibility income exceeds the maximum allowed by the Program regulations.
  8. Applicant’s household size does not meet the established occupancy standards.
  9. Applicant does not meet Program regulated eligibility requirements.
  10. Applicant declines a unit when offered.
  11. Applicant fails to provide documents necessary to process the application.
  12. Other good cause such as documented serious or repeated violation of the material terms and conditions of the Lease or a violation of applicable Federal, State or local law.


  1. Mitigating Circumstances

If an applicant fails to meet one of more of the Applicant Selection Criteria, APG will determine whether it is possible to admit the applicant through consideration of mitigating circumstances or by applying reasonable accommodation.


Mitigating circumstances would be verifiable facts that would overcome or outweigh information already gathered in the resident screening process. Mitigating circumstances shall be verified and the verifier must corroborate the reason(s) given by the applicant for the disqualifying circumstances, and indicate that the prospect for lease compliance in the future is good because the reason for his/her disqualifying circumstances is either no longer in effect or otherwise controlled.  If the evidence of mitigating circumstances presented by the applicant relates to a change in medical condition or course of treatment, APG shall have the right to refer such information to persons qualified to evaluate evidence and verify the mitigating circumstance(s).


  1. Fair Housing Statement

We are committed to compliance with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws. We do not discriminate against applicants based on race, color, age, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status or any other legally protected classification or status. All persons involved with the leasing and operation of our communities receive training on fair housing laws. We will consider requests for reasonable accommodations based upon a disability. We will consider reasonable modification of existing premises, which may be at the expense of the person requesting the modification.


  1. Pets

The following breeds and any mix of any of the below are restricted from this community:


Pit Bull Terriers/Staffordshire Rottweilers
Doberman Pinschers Chows
Presa Canarios Akitas
Alaskan Malamutes Wolf-hybrids
German Shepards Mastiffs
Cane Corsos Great Danes
Siberian Huskies


If you have pets, please see your leasing representative for more information. APG does not accept dogs that are 50lbs or heavier.  If a pet is deemed aggressive by APG, APG will not approve the pet.  These restrictions and deposit requirements do not apply to qualified service or assistance animals, unless such animals exhibit aggressive and harmful behavior on more than one occasion.


  • Non-Smoking Community

The property you are applying for is a non-smoking community. There is a no smoking policy in all of the apartments. There is no smoking permitted in the building, garage, balconies, or common area at any time. Any smoking must be off the property.


*Photographs are a representation of what the final units and building will look like.


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2 x 2
Mission District

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